Vision Card: Bliss

As I’ve mentioned before, vision cards are not only a great way to help keep you focused for the month ahead, but they are also a great size to test out new techniques. If the technique doesn’t work out, then it doesn’t hurt so much to throw your work away. But if it does work out, you end up with a lovely small piece of fiber art.
I used a sharpie to draw this simple design on paper, scanned it, then printed it on fabric. I wasn’t sure whether the lines would print out on fabric very well because sharpies tend to have not so smooth edges when viewed up close. However I was really pleased with the way this printed, so now that I know that my process is doable when printed on fabric, I can move ahead with some of my other line art design ideas.
Vision Card
I also chose to make this month’s card with simplicity in mind. By over-thinking, we make things more complicated than they need to be. It’s my experience that simplicity is always the best path.
So for June my vision is to keep doing what makes me happy and to focus on keeping things simple.
Vision Card