Thoughts on becoming a Golden Girl

I’ve enjoyed spending a bit of time recently working with Golden paints, gels, pastes and mediums. I think I’m definitely becoming a “Golden Girl”.
Golden Paints on Fabric
It’s been fun experimenting with the different textures that can be made using the pastes and mediums.
Golden Paints on Fabric
And I really love how beautiful the strongly pigmented colors turn out.
Golden Paints on Fabric
However sometimes things don’t turn out as planned. I don’t know if I can save this piece – it’s gone all dark and moody on me and I’m not sure I like the colors.
Golden Paints on Fabric
But did you know that Golden products offer a complete system for all types of painting applications?
There are certain products than can be mixed with their paints to make them suitable for painting on fabric. I haven’t tried this yet, but you can find more information here.
Then there are other products that can be added to their paints which make them more suitable for traditional art, or mixed media applications like the above examples, and my new favorite book cover which you can see here.
So in other words you can mix and match any of the products depending on your desired results, or you can just play around explore and be surprised! I hope to have some finished pieces to show off very shortly.

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    1. Thanks Anne, yes I’ve painted it with gesso and now I’m going to repaint it and see what happens.

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