Stitching together a visual narrative using interactive textile art – Part 2

One of my favorite things about making Fragments is being able to tell a visual story using textile art that is interactive. Sections that flip up or down, open out, and sometimes unroll, provides an opportunity to add more detail to the story in an interesting and unexpected way. Devising ways to include these interactive […]

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Follow Your Heart

Following your heart doesn’t necessarily mean taking big chances or giant leaps into the unknown. Sometimes it’s just about doing small things that make your heart sing. Like tiny stitches. With gentle reminders.

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Stitching slowly

When life starts to get hectic, it’s become habit now to just pick up a needle and thread and some fabric. Stitching by hand helps to slow things down. It essentially becomes a meditative practice and it’s a great way to de-stress. Plus stitching by hand is much more interesting than stitching by machine don’t

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Little pockets

Although I’m not very committed to keeping a regular journal where I write down every little detail of my life, I do keep a record of things I want to remember. Sometimes I take a photograph, and sometimes I write a note on a scrap of paper which I then fold and tuck away. These

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Small and unusual things

These last few weeks I’ve been stitching quite small – this piece is only 2-1/2″ x 3″. But I’m really enjoying the process. When there isn’t much time at the end of a work day for creative activities, making small things can be a good choice. Small things can be completed quickly and the sense

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