Little pockets

Although I’m not very committed to keeping a regular journal where I write down every little detail of my life, I do keep a record of things I want to remember. Sometimes I take a photograph, and sometimes I write a note on a scrap of paper which I then fold and tuck away. These notes end up in drawers or used as bookmarks. They sometimes end up in some very odd places, just waiting to be rediscovered months or even years later. I was never really conscious of doing this until recently when I was disposing of some books and other unused things, and these old scraps of memories kept appearing. Some I kept – the ones that made me smile. Some I threw out – some memories just aren’t worth remembering.

Fragments: Little pockets

Lately I’ve making pockets for them. This one’s going into my little stitched booklet. I might not look at it again for a while, but I’ll probably smile when I do.

Fragments: Little pockets

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