Stitching together a visual narrative using interactive textile art – Part 1

Since I began making Fragments and using fabric and stitch as a way to create a visual narrative, I’ve discovered that telling a story in this way can express much deeper emotion and richer meaning than mere words could ever convey.

This is my latest stitched Fragment, themed “Do What You Love”, and combines elements of all the things that I most love to do including hand stitching, photography, and creating PhotoArt, as well as stitching it all together to create something that is totally unique and personal.

It also includes one of my favorite things to do which is embellishing. And in these Fragment I took the opportunity to embellish both the textile art as well as the story, by creating layers and overlapping pieces, as well as interactive elements.

Fragments: Pockets for memories

Pieces can be lifted and opened to reveal more of the story. These little mini-journals are perfectly sized to fit inside a larger pocket, and are a unique way to tell a story within a story.

Fragments: Pockets for memories

Although the inside looks interesting …

Fragments: Pockets for memories

… it gets even better when you create secret stories …

Fragments: Pockets for memories

… and hidden pockets.

Fragments: Pockets for memories

There’s much more to this story but enough for now.

Fragments: Pockets for memories

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