Inspiration for the Soul

A Nature-Inspired Memory Journal

This week I’m continuing my year-long journey of making daily art.

For March I’ve designed a fun and free-spirited printable journal using beautiful watercolor imagery, with the theme “Free Spirit”. You can find the “Free Spirit” printable journal kit here in my online store. This journal has such pretty pages I had a difficult time deciding exactly what type of journal I wanted to make this month.

Quotation Journal: Free Spirit

In January I made a daily memory journal, in February I made a nature journal, so I wanted to try something different this month. In the end I decided to make a quote journal.

I like to use quotations as a way to stay inspired and motivated each day, and I’ve always wanted to gather my favorite quotes and assemble them into a quotation journal. The pages from the “Free Spirit” journal have turned out to be the perfect way to do this.

I printed the journal pages onto cardstock, printed out my favorite quotes onto paper, and then sewed them onto the pages together with a few fabric scraps to make small stitched collages. I think this will be a beautiful journal once it’s completed at the end of the month.

This Week’s Journal Pages

Something New

Quotation Journal: Something New


Quotation Journal: Faith


Quotation Journal: Bliss


Quotation Journal: Exploring

Letting Go

Quotation Journal: Letting Go

New Eyes

Quotation Journal: New Eyes

The Field

Quotation Journal: The Field

About my Daily Journal Pages

During March I’m using my printable journal – Free Spirit to make daily journal pages. At the end of the month I’ll be assembling the pages to make a completed journal.

If you’d like to create your own quote journal, you can find the Free Spirit printable journal kit here in my online store. You can see more of my journal pages here.

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  1. Oh my goodness!! Just found you! Can’t thank you enough for your blog! Gorgeous work!

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