Finding Peace and Comfort in Troubled Times

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As we struggle through uncertain times, it’s important to look after our mental health; to take time away from all the negative noise and make a space where our heart and soul can find a bit of peace and comfort. One of the best ways I know to achieve that is through journaling.

Whether it’s a writing journal or an art-based journal, on the pages of your journals you can lose yourself for a while. You can use a writing journal to explore your thoughts and feelings, or enjoy the simple act of creating something beautiful on the pages of an art journal. Journaling is also a therapeutic way to manage stress and anxiety. It offers a safe space when everything around you seems to be spinning out of control.

If you’re stuck in isolation and in need of a distraction, you can find free tutorials here on the Creative ArtnSoul website, and if you want to take things a little deeper, browse through my catalog of online classes and learn how to make beautiful handmade artist’s books and journals that tell your story in your own unique way.

Unraveling the Mystery

Take a journey down the path of your imagination to unravel the mystery of your personal stories. Then allow those stories to gently unfold within the pages of your journals and artist books.

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Unraveling the Mystery Online Class

Creative Art’n’Soul Journaling

Creative Art’n’Soul Journaling offers you a space to explore techniques for making beautiful journals, as well as processes for using them.

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