Online Classes



Begins 1st Jan 2017!
Fragments – stitching together the story of our lives

Inked Cloth Unleashed Workshop

Begins 16th Jan 2017
Learn advanced techniques for printing artist-quality images onto fabric.

Inked Cloth Workshop

Ongoing Self-Paced
Learn basic techniques for printing your images onto fabric.

Creating PhotoArt using Photoshop

PhotoArt & Texture Club

Learn how to turn your Photos into
beautiful PhotoArt using Photoshop

Creating PhotoArt: Field of Flowers

Video Tutorial
Creating PhotoArt
Field of Flowers

Creating PhotoArt: Follow Your Bliss

Video Tutorial
Creating PhotoArt
Follow Your Bliss PhotoArt + ArtBrush

Creating PhotoArt: Watercolor Sketch

Video Tutorial
Creating PhotoArt
Watercolor Sketch

Creating PhotoArt: Autumn Leaves

Video Tutorial
Creating PhotoArt
Autumn Leaves

Creating PhotoArt

Video Tutorial
Creating PhotoArt

Creating PhotoArt

Video Tutorial
Dancing Shoes PhotoArt

Available for individual purchase
on 1st February 2017
Purchase as part of the PhotoArt &
Texture Club and get access now!
Learn how to print your images onto fabric to get great results every time. Inked Cloth and Inked Cloth Unleashed