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Art Journaling that speaks to your soul

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Welcome to my Online Classroom!

I’ve been teaching creative online workshops and classes since 2008
I hope you enjoy!

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Creative Art’n’Soul Journaling Bundle

SAVE! with this bundle of creative journaling classes

Marvelous Mini Journals

Learn creative techniques for making mini-journals.

This is a Creative Art’n’Soul Journaling video workshop

The Summer Garden Stitched Printable Journal

Make the beautiful Summer Garden stitched mixed media journal using printable journal pages.

The Everyday Junk Journal

Learn how to make a hard cover junk journal that you can use every day to collect and record memories, mementos, and moments in time.

The Untamed Garden: A Snippet-Style Journey Journal

Using images and words, fabric and stitch, embellishments and ephemera, learn how to tell the visual story of what lies within your untamed garden.

Mystical Moon Journal

Learn how to make this beautiful little moon journal and create monthly rituals to set intentions with every new moon, and clear space and let go at every full moon.

The Book of Winter Shadows

Create a stitched mixed media themed journal that tells a story using images, words, and your own personal symbology.

Vintage Journal

Learn how to make a very easy but creative starter journal which has a simple cover design that can be creatively embellished, an inside cover pocket, a hidden spine, and blank vintage tea-stained pages that are just begging to be used.

The Nature of Things

Learn how to make your own beautiful nature-inspired journals using my printable journal pages plus my favorite stitched mixed media processes and techniques

The Dream Keeper

Create a magical space for dreams to grow with this stitched mixed media assemblage

Assembling Hand-Dyeing

Learn how to hand-dye your own fabrics, decorative fibers and threads to achieve uncommon and unique results using Procion MX fiber reactive cold water dyes

(for natural and cellulose fibers such as cotton, rayon, linen, hemp and silk)

Inked Cloth

Learn everything you need to know to get started printing your images onto fabric.

Inked Cloth Unleashed

Explore advanced techniques for printing artist-quality images onto fabric.


Discover the many creative and artistic ways you can use your needle felting machine working with fabric, roving and yarn.

Create Beautiful PhotoArt using Photoshop


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