Designing with Photoshop: PhotoArt Quilt

Photoshop is not only a great program for processing photos and creating PhotoArt, it’s also quite useful as a design program.

My design needs are fairly simple but I use Photoshop to easily create repeat patterns, to create templates for print’n’sew projects, and I also use it to design some of my art quilts, like this Poppy PhotoArt Quilt.

Photoshop for Art Quilting

This PhotoArt quilt was completely designed in Photoshop including all the fabric pieces and the PhotoArt images. Once they were all designed, I printed them onto fabric.

Photoshop for Art Quilting

I also used Photoshop CC to create the layout which made it easy to move pieces around and reposition them until I was happy with the overall composition.

Photoshop for Art Quilting

One of the reasons that I use Photoshop CC rather than Photoshop Elements, is that it has special features which help to make the designing process easy.

One of the features that I really like is that you can create folders for your layers. This feature makes it really easy to keep the layered design elements organized and structured.

Photoshop for Art Quilting

For example, these quilt blocks all used different flower images, but the same frame elements. So I grouped each of the different flower layers and the frame layers into a different folder which made it really easy to quickly locate the layers I need when printing the images.

Photoshop for Art Quilting

Once designed and printed, the pieces were sewn together to complete the quilt.

Photoshop for Art Quilting

Photoshop for Art Quilting

Photoshop for Art Quilting

1 thought on “Designing with Photoshop: PhotoArt Quilt”

  1. Connie Kresin Campbell

    Beautiful work Linda, I have always enjoyed using Photoshop also and use groups all the time.

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