Photoshop PhotoArt Classes

PhotoArtFX Video Bundle

Create Beautiful PhotoArt using Photoshop

This PhotoArt Video Class Bundle includes
15 different video classes with over 6 hours of video
showing you a variety of techniques for creating beautiful PhotoArt

Learn as you Create!

Learn all the techniques and processes that I use to create beautiful PhotoArt using Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

All video classes are presented using Photoshop. However if you are proficient using Photoshop Elements, you should be able to follow along as notations are also included in the video to account for any changes between using Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. You can find links to download free trials of Photoshop CC or Photoshop Elements here.

Each class demonstrates different techniques for creating beautiful PhotoArt.


  • a video tutorial
  • a complete set of project files and resources including images and brushes, so you can download and follow along to get the exact same result as I do
  • the PSD source files with layers
  • a downloadable transcript of the video with timestamps

PhotoArt Classes Included in this Bundle


Creating PhotoArt: Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Learn techniques for creating the special effect of a river of leaves, then work with layer masks, clipping masks, word art, textures, and extractions to create this PhotoArt image.
Creating PhotoArt

Country Lane

Learn how to blend multiple images to create a unique PhotoArt image, and how to work with selections, gradient masks and layer masks.
Creating PhotoArt

Dancing Shoes

Learn how to add emphasis to your favorite photos using creative drop shadows, and then use these techniques to create the Dancing Shoes PhotoArt image.
Creating PhotoArt

Digital Art Journaling

Learn how I create my own hand-painted digital background papers and grunge-style digital mixed media shapes and marks.
Creating PhotoArt

DIY Textures

Learn easy techniques for making your own digital textures.
Creating PhotoArt


Learn how to create two realistic types of drips and drops from scratch as you create a beautiful piece of PhotoArt.
Creating PhotoArt: Field of Flowers

Field of Flowers

Combine photographs, and create complex textured backgrounds using layers.
Creating ArtBrushes

Follow Your Bliss Butterfly ArtBrush

Learn how to make this complex Photoshop Butterfly ArtBrush by combining multiple brushes, marks, textures and text.
Creating PhotoArt: Follow Your Bliss

Follow Your Bliss PhotoArt

Create the Follow Your Bliss PhotoArt image using the Butterfly Artbrush
Creating PhotoArt

I Heart Text Art

Learn how to create beautiful TextArt using easy techniques such as background fills, clipping masks, custom shapes, warped text tool, and pen tool.
Creating PhotoArt

PhotoArt Collage

Learn how to blend multiple images to create a unique PhotoArt image, and how to work with selections, gradient masks and layer masks.
Creating PhotoArt

The Earth Laughs in Flowers

Learn how to make your own single and cluster photo frames from real photographs, and then learn how to use a cluster frame to create this PhotoArt image.
Creating PhotoArt

Vintage Memories

Learn how to use whitespace and the Rule of Thirds to create interesting PhotoArt layouts, and learn how to add a vintage-style color and feel to your PhotoArt.
Creating PhotoArt: Watercolor Sketch

Watercolor Sketch

Create a watercolor sketch effect with a soft dreamy appearance that looks beautiful on all sorts of different types of photos.
Creating PhotoArt


Learn techniques for stacking textures, working with brushes, layer masks and extractions, as well as techniques for fine-tuning the artwork.

How the class works

This class is an online self-paced workshop that you can sign up and take at any time.

You can access your lessons 24/7 which means you can work at your own pace if you choose. After the workshop ends, you will still have online access to the lessons which will be available to you for the lifetime of this website


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This is a self-paced online workshop and once registered you will have immediate access to the contents.

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