This week I’m continuing my year-long journey of making daily art and the theme this month is inspired by nature.

Inspired by Nature: A Nature-Inspired Memory Journal

For the last 52 days I’ve spent about 15 minutes every day making art. It sounds like a marathon effort, but in reality I now really look forward to this “me-time” every day. I enjoy having a long-term project, and I really enjoy making the small daily collages using pages from my printable journal kits.

This month I’m planning to use the pages to make a nature journal and I’ve already begun to assemble the pages. I’m going to make a slightly different type of journal than the one I made last month, and I already like the way they’re turning out.

Nature Memory Journal

I often wonder if I’ll run out of ideas, but every day I’m freshly inspired by some little thing that I notice in nature. The big, happy events in life are wonderful things to remember, but the small insignificant things – simple moments in time – are full of new and creative inspiration also.

This Week’s Journal Pages


Nature Journal Page: Balance

The Path Less Travelled

Nature Journal Page: The Path Less Travelled

Secret Garden

Nature Journal Page: Secret Garden

Butterfly Totem

Nature Journal Page: Butterfly Totem

Field Notes Journal

Nature Journal Page: Field Notes Journal

Nature Journal Page: Field Notes Journal


Nature Journal Page: Birdsong

Garden Party

Nature Journal Page: Garden Party

About my Daily Journal Pages

For this month’s journal I’m using my latest printable journal – The Nature of Things. I’m also taking time this month to create a course based on this month’s nature-inspired journal that will be one of the projects offered to students in my upcoming Fragments of Nature Online Workshop.

If you’d like to create your own nature-inspired journal, you can find The Nature of Things here in my online store. And you can follow along with me during the month as I share my pages and inspiration. You can follow me daily here on Facebook, and here on Instagram, and here on my blog every week. You can see more of my daily journal pages here.

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