“Daisy” Revisited

If you remember my recent post about The Making of “Daisy” The Art Bag, then you’ll recognize the design on this new art bag.
This is “Daisy” Version 2. I just loved the “Daisy” design and wanted to try it out on a different bag shape so I chose the original (and my personal favorite) art bag shape for version 2. This time though, I used my new printer to print on a large piece of “fabric paper” – approx 12″ x 10″ . The printer did a fabulous job printing on the rough texture, and this is the result …
Handmade Handbag
Handmade Handbag
This is the back. I put the bag closure on the back of the bag using a magnetic snap so that when opening the bag you don’t have to disturb the beautiful bead embellishment on the front.
Handmade Handbag
You can see the beautiful texture that the “fabric paper” creates …
Handmade Handbag
and here …
Handmade Handbag
And this time I also fine tuned the inside pockets so now everything is organized and easy to find.
Handmade Handbag
PS – I print my designs on fabric using digital grounds. You can find out more about digital grounds here.

3 thoughts on ““Daisy” Revisited”

  1. Linda,
    I love this bag, can’t wait to see it on etsy. I might have to splurge and buy myself an early b-day present. Lord knows I don’t have time to make one myself, plus I wouldn’t be able to duplicate the daisy.

  2. Thanks Treas, I’m working hard to get some of them online real soon. Still trying to find an extra 5 or 6 hours in a day and I’d get it done a lot quicker 🙂

  3. I love this bag! I have your directions for making fabric paper and I really need to start making some now. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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