Working intuitively: there's fabric bowls and then there's .. well I'm not quite sure yet

Today I got a little more work done on the fabric bowl that I started the other day.
Using Peltex: Fabric Bowl
As I mentioned, this is an intuitive work-in-progress which means that I have no clue how it’s going to end up, and at this point I have no design or pattern sketched out apart from the plate-shape.
Working intuitively can be a challenging process. It involves moving forward with your work without quite knowing where the next step is going to take you, but trusting that a vision will eventually reveal itself. It’s a process that really reinforces the idea that although you bring the creation to life, you are not really the creator. My best work comes from this process so I’ve learned to pay attention.
Once I had the shape made, I let it sit for a while to see what happened; to see if an idea would form for the next step. But nothing happened and I knew if I left things too long it would end up an abandoned project. So I started digging out some threads and fibers in colors that coordinated with the fabric on the bowl with the intention that I’d add some embellishment of some sort.
And just as soon as I’d finished gathering everything together and was admiring how pretty it all looked, it came to me in a flash and I knew exactly how it should be finished.
Using Peltex: Fabric Bowl
After I’d put away all the threads and the beads and the fibers, it was off to the sewing machine. I normally do this sewing technique on fabric paper so this was the first time I’ve tried it directly onto Peltex but it was very easy to sew.
Using Peltex: Fabric Bowl
Using Peltex: Fabric Bowl
Then comes the paint. I’ll probably have to wait a day or two while I add another coat of paint and let it all dry thoroughly. More soon.
Using Peltex: Fabric Bowl

8 thoughts on “Working intuitively: there's fabric bowls and then there's .. well I'm not quite sure yet”

  1. jackie nichols

    did not expect ‘the paint’, lol. now i am really interested. I to have been painting on fabric this week, i just finished a face and was very pleased with the result, and i create every day, lol. Thanks Linda.

  2. Hello Linda,
    I love to read your newsletter. It’s always inspiring and your tutorial on using water soluble stablilizer is gorgeous !!!
    Usually I have only a vague idea when I start a new project and – as you do – I trust that the perfect idea will come to me. I never gather the materials together though 🙂
    Ute (Karlsruhe, Germany)

    1. Linda Matthews

      Hi Ute, sometimes you just have to force yourself to begin – it seems to create momentum. Glad you liked using water soluble stabilizer – I do also 🙂

  3. Dear Linda,
    until recently I didn’t even ask myself WHY I am creating — let alone ask what my “creating-style” is. Following your blog made me watch myself (this act alone has numerable benefits). Quite easily I came up with an answer to WHY : because it makes my heart sing. Describing my HOW is trickier because my English is not that good. Intuitively? Yes! Trusting? Yes!! Playful? Yes!!!
    By the way, there’s a photo of my face on my website
    Ute (Karlsruhe, Germany)

    1. Linda Matthews

      Thanks for sharing Ute – nice photo 🙂 Yes, we create for lots of different reasons but mainly because it makes us feel good. Some days that’s good enough for me 😉

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