Fabric Paper

Fabric Bowl – finished already

After learning from the mistakes I made while making the first fabric bowl, second time round is a charm and this fabric bowl went together fairly quickly and easily. I’m very happy with the results and it certainly adds a new dimension the usual interpretation of the old “fabric bowl”. This time instead of stitching …

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Fabric Bowl – starting over

Since the last fabric bowl didn’t end up turning out so well, I’m taking what I learned and starting over. This time I want a bit more texture on the surface so I made a sheet of fabric paper using tissue paper and cheesecloth. I’ve added the stitching directly to the fabric paper … … …

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Printing on Tissue Paper

One of my favorite techniques is image transfer. Mostly I like to transfer images directly to fabric using various methods, however sometimes I also like to transfer images to “fabric paper”. “Fabric paper” can be made using many different methods, but it’s main features are that you can create unusual texture and of course, you …

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Things to do with fabric scraps

I was recently going through some of my old art quilts looking for samples where I’ve used fabric paper, and rediscovered this cute little art quilt “Scraps”. “Scraps” is about 18″ x 12″ and it was made from – well – scraps! – stuff that would normally end up in the rubbish bin. After teaching …

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