Stitched textiles with a little wabi sabi on the side

Here in Central Florida Hurricane Matthew is now a thing of the past and life is getting back to normal. Although we were fortunate to suffer only minimal damage, it does take a few days to destress from a force of nature such as a hurricane, so I have to admit I’m way behind with work.

However with no power for three days I did manage to get some housecleaning done which took up a good day or two (I’d much rather sew than clean), and I also managed to finish stitching and framing the watercolor image that I printed onto fabric last week. I think it’s perfectly suited for this beautiful frame.

Watercolor Print on Fabric

I’m drawn to the wabi sabi aesthetic of finding beauty in imperfection, so when creating textiles I deliberately choose to distress parts of the fabric such as leaving the edges raw and the stitches uneven. I can’t tell you how much more enjoyable sewing has become since I let go of the need to make all my stitches perfect.

Watercolor Print on Fabric

I’ve mentioned before that Viva crackle paint works well on fabric, and one of the things that I like most about it is that you can sew on it easily and it doesn’t chip or flake too much.

Watercolor Print on Fabric

Watercolor Print on Fabric

And of course there is some beaded and stitched embellishment.

Watercolor Print on Fabric

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2 thoughts on “Stitched textiles with a little wabi sabi on the side”

  1. Barbara Leftwich

    Thanks for sharing so much of your talent and imagination. I really enjoyed the Watercolor on Fabric posting.

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