Gel Plate Prints on Fabric

Today I decided to attack this pile of fabric which I intend to transform over time into gel plate prints. You can see how all this started here.

Hand-Dyed Fabric

I grabbed several pieces of fabric that were completely uninspiring in color …

Using a Gel Plate to Make Prints

… and made a print using one of the lilac fat quarters. I liked the bottom left section which is about 12″ square. The surrounding pieces on the top and right side not so much.

Using a Gel Plate to Make Prints

So I cut out the piece that I liked and reprinted the other pieces in a darker color. Now I have a coordinating set of prints and I like them much better.

Using a Gel Plate to Make Prints

I’m not sure how I’ll use them yet. I may make some additional prints in coordinating colors and then decide. But this was enough for today.

Using a Gel Plate to Make Prints

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