Embellished fabric box finally finished

I finally found a few minutes to finish off my embellished fabric box and it turned out rather beautiful I think.
Fabric Box
I was originally going to use the ribbon fabric as the lining but it looked so good I decided to use it on the outside, and instead lined the box with a coordinating color fabric.
Fabric Box
I attached the pieces using gold metallic thread. It’s altogether very sparkly.
Fabric Box
You can see more photos of the fabric box in progress here and here.

Learn to make your own fabric box

If you’ve never made a fabric box before, this is a good book to get you started. It explains the basics and gives you some good basic shapes to work with. You can find it here on Amazon.com.
Fast, Fun & Easy Fabric Boxes
Alternatively if you want to get a bit fancy with your fabric boxes, try this book which is one of my favorites. This book includes lots of ideas for making unusual shaped boxes and embellishing them. Also available here on Amazon.com.
Beginner's Guide to Embroidered Boxes