The Story of an Art Doll: The Final Installment

So now she’s done.
Art Doll
She didn’t turn out in any way at all like I first envisaged, I saw her as a more contemporary type of art doll rather than the elegant lady she turned out to be, but sometimes that’s where the process takes you; to places you never intended or imagined, and all you can do is follow along.
I could do more embellishing to her jacket, but I think I’ll leave it as it is for now.
Art Doll
Art Doll
Art Doll
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6 thoughts on “The Story of an Art Doll: The Final Installment”

  1. Linda she turned out beautiful. I like her style and the clothes are great.
    I was at the flea market the other day and for $1.00 I found a doll with a body including seperate bosum stitched on and she has ceramic feet and arms but no head. After seeing what you did I am going to make her a head then have the fun of dressing her.l I thibnk she will be a lady from past centuries.

  2. I love the hair you gave her. I had wondered if some color in the face was needed, But I like her the way she is. Beautiful.

  3. Beautiful results on your art doll. I just today (1/16/11) found your site and blog and I am really enjoying looking around. I signed up for your newsletter too.
    My thought on the doll’s clothing is that she needs a belt to give the dress a little zing. Perhaps in the style of your stablizer stiched bib or lace trim or some of that beautiful red fabric as a sash.

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