Things a textile artist can do with a die-cutting machine

This week I was planning to show you some ways to use scrim to add texture and dimension to fabric surfaces, and I did actually gather some things together.
Using Scrim for Texture
But then my new toy – a Silhouette Cameo die-cutting machine – arrived unexpectedly early. And well, new toys just can’t be ignored.
Cameo Cutter
So what can a textile artist do with a die-cutting machine?
This machine connects directly to your computer and you can either import images such as clipart or even photos, or draw your own designs using the custom software. After the image has been imported or drawn in the design software, you can then simplify it and convert it into a format that’s suitable for cutting. Then you simply press a button and the machine will cut the image out. The image can be cut out using various different types of media including paper, cardstock, stencil plastic, and fabric just to name a few.
Cameo Cutter
This is a design I made using a Photoshop brush that I’m going to use to make a stencil.
Cameo Cutter
And after only a few minutes of cutting, this is how the stencil turned out. Plus the cut out part can be used to make a negative stencil. Pretty cool!
Cameo Cutter
I’m off to play some more and maybe with a bit of luck I’ll actually get some sewing done this week! Maybe.

5 thoughts on “Things a textile artist can do with a die-cutting machine”

  1. Hello Linda – what a cool toy, and what a great stencil! Is there a chance at all that you’ll do some more photoshop posts, i.e., how you did the stencil above? Thanks, and keep doing what you’re doing – its great!

    1. Hi Angelika, I’ll try to get a tutorial done when I get some time. In the meantime you can also find lots of tutorials on google 😉

  2. Hi Linda, I was very interested to see the template plastic you were using to cut that stencil.It looks very similar to the one I imported. Could you let me know which one you are using please?
    Template plastic is unheard of here in South Africa and I have managed to get a pack of the stuff from my wholesaler in the States. However, I cannot for the life of me get the settings on the Silhouette right.
    I am a long arm quilter so am looking for reasonably long lasting templates.

    1. Hi Glenda, I got this particular stencil plastic from Hobby Lobby. I don’t have the original packaging so I don’t know the name however I think it was a Hobby Lobby brand. You could probably find it online.

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