Vision Cards

Vision Card: Organize

For my vision card for the final month of this year I chose the word “organize”, as this month I have to be super organized in preparation for the new year. I made this vision card using several stencils with cutouts of different size squares, representing groups for all the different ideas and thoughts I

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Making Space

As we move toward the end of the year, it’s difficult not to be thinking and planning for the new year. I always find the end of year/beginning of year to be a stressful time with so many things that must be finished before the year ends and so many things that have to begin

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Vision Card: Bliss

As I’ve mentioned before, vision cards are not only a great way to help keep you focused for the month ahead, but they are also a great size to test out new techniques. If the technique doesn’t work out, then it doesn’t hurt so much to throw your work away. But if it does work

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