Natural Connections

Inspired by Nature: A Nature-Inspired Memory Journal
This week I’m continuing my year-long journey of making daily art and the theme this month is inspired by nature.
As a life-long nature-lover I enjoy spending as much time outdoors as I possibly can, taking photographs or simply soaking up the peace and tranquility that can be easily found in nature. It think it has a way of bringing a little balance back into a busy lifestyle, as well as replenishing the spirit and the soul.
This month I’ve really been enjoying the process of making small daily nature-inspired collages that express the personal connection I feel when I spend time outdoors. These journal pages will be perfect for creating a nature-inspired memory journal at the end of the month.

This Week’s Journal Pages

Stick Totem
Nature Memory Journal Page: Stick Totem
Earth Music
Nature Memory Journal Page: Earth Music
Rising Spirit
Nature Memory Journal Page: Rising Spirit
Nature Memory Journal Page: Reclamation
Gentle Whispers
Nature Memory Journal Page: Gentle Whispers
Winter Leaves
Nature Memory Journal Page: Winter Leaves
Nature Memory Journal Page: Sentinels

About my Daily Journal Pages

For this month’s journal I’m using my latest printable journal – The Nature of Things. I’m also taking time this month to create a course based on this month’s nature-inspired journal that will be one of the projects offered to students in my upcoming Fragments of Nature Online Workshop.
If you’d like to create your own nature-inspired journal, you can find The Nature of Things here in my online store. You can see more of my journal pages here.