Take a peek at my new Creative Artistry Notebook Cover

I’ve become a regular user of journals over the years and I love using the traveler’s notebook size for carrying around every day and jotting down creative ideas, or sketching when I’m out and about. I also like that I can combine different types of papers and notebooks into one journal and then swap them out when I need a new one.

The Creative Artistry traveler’s notebook has quickly become my favorite journal, and having printable pages means I can print out my notebook inserts whenever I need one quickly and conveniently.

After I assembled my Creative Artistry notebook recently, I decided I needed a more “artsy” notebook cover. There are so many different ways to create artistic fabrics, however I decided to make a digital design and print it onto fabric. And I love the way it turned out!

Creative Artistry Online Class: Design - Print - Stitch

The colors were eye-popping once the design was printed onto fabric.

Traveler's Notebook Cover

I stitched and assembled it, and I haven’t been able to let it out of my sight since. It’s one of things that just makes me happy to look at it and I want to pick it up and use it all the time.

Traveler's Notebook Cover

Traveler's Notebook Cover

Traveler's Notebook Cover

I finished off the inside of the cover with a piece of my hand-dyed fabric, and I added an inside pocket to hold loose papers and other things.

Traveler's Notebook Cover

The traveler’s notebook size art journal insert is the perfect size for practicing my hand lettering techniques.

Traveler's Notebook Cover

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