It’s been several weeks since I returned from my visit home to Australia and it’s only now beginning to feel like things are getting back to normal – at least a little. As I get older, recovering from jet lag seems to take longer and longer, and thirty hour flights lost their appeal quite a few trips ago and are now simply tiring.

However keeping family close, even when they’re half way around the world, is not as difficult these days as in years gone by. These days, Facetime and Skype brings people closer than we could have ever imagined years ago and email and texting are so convenient.

But there’s nothing quite like seeing the faces of the people (and things) that you love every day, which is one of the reasons I love to use photographs in my artwork. Photos don’t always need words to tell a story, sometimes they are a story within themselves.

As a special memory of my trip I’ve been working on this photo album for the last several weeks. One of the things that I like about this collaged concertina-style album is that I can add more pages if I wanted to.

Keeping family close even when far away

Creating art is healing in so many ways, and this project certainly helped ease me through my homesickness.

Keeping family close even when far away

Keeping family close even when far away


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