What You Seek is Seeking You

I always find it helpful to review my progress when I set a goal. It allows me to gauge if I’m on track and make any adjustments if I need to.

As I look back at the last seven days of my 30 day challenge to develop a Daily Artistic Practice, I can see that I’ve already achieved quite a bit. While it hasn’t been so much of a challenge to make time during the day to do something artfully creative, it has been quite a challenge to make time to write it up and publish it on my blog. There were days when that small voice in my head kept telling me to skip a day because I was so busy with other things, and I almost gave in once or twice.

However I managed to quiet that annoying voice, and did what I set out to do, and I feel I’ve gained something very useful from doing this. Keeping track of my day-to-day activities has provided me with a visual record of the things I do each day and I can see the progress I’ve made over the last week. It gives me quite a feeling of accomplishment to see how much I’ve achieved.

Being able to gauge my progress in a visual way is a great incentive to keep moving forward, and while keeping a daily journal here on the blog is one method of keeping a visual journal, I’m also making a small personal journal to keep track of my days. This morning I made some time to begin sewing the cover and I’ll catch up with filling in the pages over the next few days.

What You Seek is Seeking You

For the cover I used one of my fabric gel plate prints.

Gel Plate Prints

I’ve folded the cardstock gel plate prints into pages to create two book signatures.

Gel Plate Prints

I’ve begun to stitch a small collage for the front cover. I chose this quotation to use as a theme.

What You Seek is Seeking You
~ Rumi ~

It’s been my experience that when you set a goal and take steps to move toward it with passion and excitement, it can’t help but move toward you also. It can change the story of your life and I’d like to be able to look back and see where it all started.

Using a Gel Plate to Make Prints

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