Aspects of Nature

Today I wandered around my back yard for the first time since it was finally cleaned of debris from the last hurricane. I don’t really have much of a garden back there, but it’s a lovely place to walk around in the summer when the tall trees cast lots of shade.
Although the worst of the mess is now cleaned up, there are still reminders to be seen such as bits of small branches, now dead, caught in the trees and bushes.

But life goes on and new growth is springing up also.

I noticed all the small bits and pieces of broken leaves and branches that had been left behind on the ground after the cleanup, and I was touched and reminded of how temporary life is. Catastrophic events always seem to remind us of how fragile we really are.
As these thoughts came and went, I was inspired to gather some of the small debris – leaves and sticks. I bundled together some of the small sticks and I’ve begun to stitch together some of the leaves.

With nature in mind, I hand-dyed some fabric in nature colors.

Then I used some of the living plants and leaves from the yard to make this eco print on paper. It’s always a surprise to see what colors emerge from these types of prints.

The creative forces are at work and I’m not quite sure where this is all going. But sometimes it’s just about the journey and it’s best to let things unfold in their own way.