Tutorial: Creating texture on fabric using crinkled ribbon

I work a lot with textured fabric surfaces mostly because I think they look a lot more interesting than flat surfaces. Sometimes I create surface texture using machine stitching. And I also use a lot of fabric paper texture. I also sometimes like to use unusual...

New in the Store: Sew Creative Supplies

When I launched the Sew Creative Box several months ago, I wasn’t totally sure it was going to be a hit, but happily and surprisingly I was totally wrong! After only two months, the subscriber list has grown quickly and custom Sew Creative Boxes are now being...

Creative ideas for using silk cocoons

Did I mention that one of the best things about the Sew Creative Box is that I also get to play with all the fun stuff inside? The August box is my favorite so far. I love the color and I just love those little silk cocoons; they are so much fun to play with. I...

August Sew Creative Box – take a peak at what’s inside

If you love working with the color green, then you’ll be kicking yourself if you missed out on a subscription for the August Sew Creative Box which included a super-yummy color coordinated selection of creative sewing supplies all in the color of peridot green....

Embellished fabric box finally finished

I finally found a few minutes to finish off my embellished fabric box and it turned out rather beautiful I think. I was originally going to use the ribbon fabric as the lining but it looked so good I decided to use it on the outside, and instead lined the box with a...

Fabric Box Update

The fabric box that I started last week using some of the contents of the July Sew Creative Box is just about finished. I’ve completed the beading and hand embroidery for the top of the box and although I’ve used the same design for the three sections, the...

Working out of the box – fabric box that is

I had hoped to be further along with the project I started last week, but I think it’s so annoying when life gets in the way of playtime! However I did make a start and decided to make a fabric box using some of the gorgeous items that were included in the July...

Silk carrier rods, sparkly threads, beads and scrim – oh my!

It’s been such a busy time these last few weeks getting the very first Sew Creative Box packed and shipped out. It’s always such a challenge the first time you do anything and there are always so many small details that need attention. However I’ve...

Get Creative with Water Soluble Stabilizer

Don’t you just love getting creative with fun products and techniques? Water soluble stabilizer is one of my very favorite products and I love to use it in lots of different ways to create interesting thread and fiber effects such as Soft edges on quilts Lace...

Need a quick weekend project? Try Some Fabric Beads

Fabric beads are easy and fun to make and can be used to embellish all your creative sewing projects. They are also a great way to use up all those small scraps of leftover fabric and fibers. This tutorial shows you several ways to make embellished fabric beads. What...

How to Sew Beads onto Fabric

Beading on fabric is one of my favorite ways to embellish quilts and other sewing projects. I sometimes like to sew them on individually … … and sometimes I like to sew them on in clusters along with bead dangles. Regardless of which way you like to sew...

Hand embroidery thread – how to blend thread colors

If you do a lot (or even a little) hand embroidery, over time you can accumulate quite a collection of embroidery floss and yarn. But doesn’t it always seem that you simply never have the right color hand embroidery thread to finish off a sewing project? The...

Making Fabric Postcards – Finishing the Edges

As you know, machine wrapped cording is one of my favorite embellishments and I use it on many of my projects, particularly as a way to finish the edges. I used it to embellish art quilts … fabric journals … and I particularly love using it to finish the...

Creative Sewing in Circles

Using decorative machine stitches is one of my favorite ways of embellishing and decorating fabric and I use them in all sorts of different ways. But one of my favorite ways to use decorative stitches is to sew them in circles to create circular designs and quilt...

How to make a simple and perfect fabric bead

Fabric beads … mmmmmm …. Usually I like em kinda chunky like this … … but every now and then I need a bead that’s perfect and plain like these. There are a number of ways to get a perfectly round fabric bead, but this tip is too good to...

My favorite tips for using decorative stitches

The decorative machine stitches on your sewing machine are a quick and easy way to add embellishment and decorative design to all your sewing projects. However many sewers tend to overlook using these type of stitches either because they don’t know how to use...
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