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Sew Creative - silk cocoons and carrier rods
Sew Creative - hand-dyed scrim
Sew Creative - hand-dyed ribbon

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New in the Store: Natural Fabrics & Fibers Suitable for Dyeing

If you love to hand-dye your own fabrics and fibers, you will love these new Sew Creative products! “In The Raw” Fabric & Fiber Mixed Media Pack This pack of fabrics and fibers in white and natural colors includes cotton scrim, burlap, silk cocoons,...

Silk carrier rods and how to use them to make silk paper

Silk carrier rods are curious little things but I love them because they have such an unexpected shape and texture and they can be adapted for use into fabric, mixed media art and felting in lots of different ways. Silk carrier rods are the by-product of reeling silk...

Tutorial: Creating texture on fabric using crinkled ribbon

I work a lot with textured fabric surfaces mostly because I think they look a lot more interesting than flat surfaces. Sometimes I create surface texture using machine stitching. And I also use a lot of fabric paper texture. I also sometimes like to use unusual...

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