Working intuitively … knowing when to quit

After spending the better part of yesterday working on my fabric bowl, I got up this morning and realized that I have gone about as far as I can with this particular sample.
It started here with a basic fabric bowl/plate design.
Using Peltex: Fabric Bowl
and then some stitching was added
Using Peltex: Fabric Bowl
Then came the paint.
Using Peltex: Fabric Bowl
And some highlighting of the stitched design.
Using Peltex: Fabric Bowl
Then a repaint because the color was was too dark.
Using Peltex: Fabric Bowl
And a final highlighting of the stitched design.
Using Peltex: Fabric Bowl
And now today it looks overworked and the design flaws are very obvious. In particular this seam line. The other two seams are not obvious but this particular seam is very noticeable and looks out of place.
Using Peltex: Fabric Bowl
I think as artists we want every creation we make to be perfect and beautiful no matter what the cost. And our tendency is to want to fix things rather than admit defeat. But sometimes things just can’t be fixed and this one of those times.
So rather than spend any more time on this particular piece, I’m taking what I learned and starting a fresh new project.

3 thoughts on “Working intuitively … knowing when to quit”

  1. Your very creative bowl looks terrific I think! The colour, the sewing designs, highlights all make for a great looking bowl.

  2. Linda, I fear you are a perfectionist. I think your bowl is gorgeous. The detail is simply amazing and the entire piece is a work of art! I know I would be very proud to display it in my home.
    I realize that we are often our own worst critics and perhaps that little voice helps us forge forward and uncover undiscovered inner creativity.
    I love your work and love that you share your journey with each piece.
    Thank you,

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