It took a little longer than I expected, but I’ve finally completed my “Poppy” photo art quilt! (Note to self – when you block a square quilt, do it right the first time.)

The finished size is 30″ square, and all the fabric for the top and binding of this art quilt was designed in Photoshop and then custom printed on fabric. The design for the fabric on the left and right background panels was made using a kaleidoscope image of one of the poppy photos which was then turned into a repeating design overlaid with a variegated colored texture. And the designs for the top and bottom background panels were made using photoshop brushes stamped onto a textured background. To do this you need to use very high resolution brushes.

Poppy Photo Art Quilt

I like the shape and the transparency of the background on the message.

Poppy Photo Art Quilt

A little beading on the bottom of the flap.

Poppy Photo Art Quilt

One of my favorite embellishments.

Poppy Photo Art Quilt

I haven’t done any serious free motion quilting for quite some time, but I don’t think I’ve lost my touch.

Poppy Photo Art Quilt

I stamped some text into the background of the main blocks which isn’t noticeable from a distance, but is a nice surprise when you get up close.

Poppy Photo Art Quilt

There were probably a few things I would do differently next time during the design process but overall I really love the way this turned out – much better than I expected. And the color is exactly as you see it here on the photos – it’s very strong and bold.

So now back to Photoshop – I’ve already got several more designs I think I’d like to try.


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