Monoprinting and digital eco-dyeing

Some weeks I get to play a lot, some weeks not so much. This week I’m somewhere in the middle and have several projects in progress – one I’m just beginning and one almost completed.


Monoprinting seems to be everywhere at the moment, probably due to the new “Gelli” plates that are now available.
I was just about to purchase the large size “Gelli” plate when I came across this recipe for making a permanent gelatin plate so decided to give it a try. And here it is – my gelatin plate.
How to make a gelatine plate
The plate is only a week or so old so I can’t vouch for how long it will last however the addition of glycerine to the recipe supposedly prevents mold. I haven’t done any monoprinting using a gelatin plate for quite a few years so this should be fun and I’m looking forward to doing some prints this weekend. If you want more information on monoprinting you can find some here.

Digital Eco Dyeing

I love the look of eco dyed fabric, it always looks so pale and fragile. However not having time or patience to allow nature to do its thing – (how to make rusted fabric using Wonder Under is a good example) – I turned this time to Photoshop and tried my hand at some “digital” eco-dyeing and these are the results.
Digital Eco-Dyeing
It wasn’t as easy as you might think to re-create a subtle “dyed” background with a decaying image (think 30-40 photoshop layers), and I think I could probably “decay” the leaf image a little more to give it more realism however I like the way it turned out and I may do some more.
Digital Eco-Dyeing
The main print has found it’s way onto my sketchbook cover which I’ve almost completed.
Sketchbook Cover
I had intended to use a different image on the cover altogether, but once the creative process is in motion I’ve always found it best to follow along because the results are often much better than you could ever have imagined.
Sketchbook Cover
Sketchbook Cover
Sketchbook Cover

6 thoughts on “Monoprinting and digital eco-dyeing”

  1. Hi Linda, my permanent Gelatine plate is from 1st of August this year and still unharmed. Doesn´t need to be refrigerated.

  2. Your journal cover looks lovely! Wish I could see a complete picture of it instead of snippets. I enjoy reading your blog and appreciate all the info you share.

    1. Hi Lynne, there’s not much more to see at present. Once I’ve finished I’ll be able to take a better photo.

  3. Catherine Sugrue

    Hi Linda,I am a great lover of eco dyed fabric and love doing it.I also love your site and the way you come up with great ideas.I spotted your digital eco leaf prints and because I am trying to teach myself photoshop at the moment was wondering if you were going to do a tutorial on the digital eco leaf prints? I would love to know how to do this as it is another way to continue the process of eco dying.

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