Faux Eco-Natural Dyeing using Procion Dyes

I’ve been doing some experimenting with faux eco-natural dyeing using Procion dyes in anticipation of my upcoming hand-dying online class. I love using Procion dyes because they are so easy and versatile to use, but using them in a way that they are not intended to be used and expecting great results, certainly takes quite a bit of experimentation.

However I was really excited to see the results of these fabrics which were dyed using Procion dyes and ended up with beautiful natural colors and markings, and I thought I’d take photos and share them with your before I cut the fabrics up and use them this weekend on a new fabric journal I’m working on.

Faux Natural Dyeing using Procion Dyes

You can even sort of see the marks from the leaves I used.

Faux Natural Dyeing using Procion Dyes

And this technique works perfectly with silk fabric as well – raw silk, silk organza, silk/rayon velvet.

Faux Natural Dyeing using Procion Dyes

What a beautiful collection! I can’t wait to start cutting and tearing.

Faux Natural Dyeing using Procion Dyes

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