How to attach magnetic snaps

Posted by Linda Matthews on April 2, 2013

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It’s been a busy week however my new Peltex-friendly purse pattern is just about completed and I’m finishing off the final samples. I really like the colors on this one.

Peltex Purse Pattern

And the rosette turned out great using hand-dyed fabric. Even though I’ve included a rosette tutorial with the purse pattern, I’ve also being doing some hunting and gathering of fabric flower and rosette tutorials from around the web and you can find a bunch of them here on my Pinterest page. I found some really cute designs that would look great with this purse.

Peltex Purse Pattern

But today I’m sharing a tutorial for how to attach magnetic snaps to purses, bags and totes.

Peltex Purse Pattern

How to attach a magnetic snap

Attaching magnetic snaps is quite easy and well … a snap!

There are two parts to a magnetic snap – a female side which has a recess in the center, and a male side which has a bump in the center. (Did I explain that nicely?) And each side comes with a washer that has cut-outs where the prongs on the back slide through.

Magnetic snaps

If you’re attaching a magnetic snap to a bag that has a flap, the male side of the magnetic snap is normally attached to the flap, and the female side is normally attached to the body of the bag. If you’re bag doesn’t have a flap, then it doesn’t matter which side they’re attached.

To begin, mark the position on the bag flap and body where the snap will be attached.

Magnetic snaps

I always like to make sure that my magnetic snaps have good support so that they don’t tear the fabric on my bags and purses, so I always use a 1″ square piece of heavyweight stabilizer – usually Peltex – as a backing support for each side of the magnetic snap.

Center the magnetic snap washer on a 1″ square piece of heavyweight stabilizer (Peltex) and mark the position where the snap prongs will push through.

Magnetic snaps

Center the square of stabilizer over the markings on the flap and the body of the bag where the snap will be positioned and using a seam ripper, make two small slits through both the stabilizer and the fabric along the marked lines.

On the right side of the fabric, push the prongs of the magnetic snap through the slits in the fabric and the heavyweight stabilizer to the back (wrong side of fabric), place the metal washer over the prongs, and fold the prongs back to secure. And that’s it – you’re done!

Magnetic snaps

I also love using invisible magnetic snaps and you can find a tutorial for attaching them here.

Happy bag making!

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