A Page from my Art Journal: Silent Meditation

Keeping an art journal has many advantages. It’s a great way to express your thoughts and feelings using words and images, and also a great way to practice new art and mixed media techniques. Because the pages are small, you can often make a page in only a short amount of time.

I find making art journals a meditative process, and particularly enjoy creating PhotoArt images to use on my pages. This is a page from my Art Journal using a PhotoArt image printed onto fabric. I like the fact that you can combine fabric and paper, stitch and embellishments, to create a small but complete piece of art that is thoughtful and personal.

A Page from my Art Journal: Silent Meditation

Nature inspires me in all possible ways.

A Page from my Art Journal: Silent Meditation

When I feel uninspired or creatively drained, all I need to do is look out the window into the garden. Or take a walk around the neighborhood.

A Page from my Art Journal: Silent Meditation

The colors, the textures, the shapes – and even the smells of nature – all provide creative inspiration. For me, being around nature is my favorite method for becoming creatively recharged.

A Page from my Art Journal: Silent Meditation

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3 thoughts on “A Page from my Art Journal: Silent Meditation”

  1. Hi Linda, I love this piece. What a great set of thoughts for that wonderful floral picture. It actually made me slow down for a minute and think about a flower meditating, what would a flower think about, pouring out it’s beauty for all to enjoy while it is living it’s brief life on the stem? I love all the texture and trinkets you added too. Lovely piece.

  2. Thanks Roxane and Heather. Yes I often wonder what flowers think about also. They always seem to look so peaceful just nodding away, it reminds me of how I feel when in meditation.

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