Hand embroidery thread – how to blend thread colors

Posted by Linda Matthews on January 7, 2013

With only a week into the year I’m on track with my commitment to make more art this year because today I’m actually making some art!

I’m going to add some hand stitching to this small photo art print and then mount it on a stretched canvas like I’ve done here. The color thread you use for hand stitching can make or break the finished piece, so choosing the right color is important. And even if you have a huge selection of colors to choose from, it can also sometimes be a challenge finding a color that works perfectly.

Inkjet Printing on Fabric

I generally like to use variegated threads but for this piece I didn’t have the exact color I wanted in my thread stash. However it’s easy to make your own custom thread color by combining single strands from different color threads. Although it’s not quite a variegated color, it adds highlights and depth to your hand stitching which makes it more interesting. I’ve chosen to begin with a soft green, yellow, and beige.

Inkjet Printing on Fabric

I’ve used one strand from each color to make some french knots but I can see that it looks a little pale and washed out to me.

Inkjet Printing on Fabric

So I added in an extra strand of dark brown.

Inkjet Printing on Fabric

And this has made all the difference. I really like the way this turned out. Now that the embroidery is done, I should have this piece finished very shortly. I’ll post a photo soon.

Inkjet Printing on Fabric

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  1. Such a simple but effective idea, I’m definitely going to use that technique over the next couple of weeks. Thank you.

  2. Thank you so much for that tip. I love that idea and will definately be experimenting with it. I look always look forward to hearing more from you. Thank you so much for sharing :)

  3. Lovely!!! I like this look very much. Thanks Linda.

  4. Linda, I so look forward to your newsletter. Thank you. I was certainly inspired by your beautiful French knots on your super art print!

  5. Thanks everyone :)

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