More mixed media and photoshop

This is another of the mixed media pieces that I’ve been working with this week.
This one has a different texture to the previous mixed media piece I showed you which you can see here, and I used only one color to paint it. Again I’ve highlighted the texture so that it really stands out.
Mixed Media Texture
As with the previous piece, I scanned it into Photoshop Elements and played around with a range of different colorways.
Mixed Media Texture
Mixed Media Texture
Mixed Media Texture
Mixed Media Texture
I think I’m hooked!

4 thoughts on “More mixed media and photoshop”

  1. Hi Linda
    Love the designs!!
    i was wondering when you print this type of design onto fabric do you prepare the fabric with digital grounds?

    1. Hi Rebecca, you can print these types of designs either onto soft pre-treated fabric sheets, or onto fabric treated with digital grounds; it just depends on how you’re going to use the fabric and how vivid you want the colors. Digital grounds makes the colors very vivid.

    1. Hi Kathy, For these last few samples that I’ve shown on the blog I’ve used Canson mixed media paper which holds up quite well consider these pieces have been quite thickly textured. I’m also experimenting on canvas and muslin.

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