Last week’s prompt for the “Wild Soul” Art Journal Challenge was “Journey”. This prompt challenged us to consider our own life’s journey, and this is how I chose to interpret the challenge.

This Week’s Art Journal Prompt

This week’s prompt is Wings. This prompt challenges us to imagine ourselves with wings to soar.

Creative Art'n'Soul Journaling

Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall.
~Ray Bradbury~

With imaginary wings we can dream about soaring high with a world of limitless possibilities open to us. Sometimes it’s difficult to get started, not knowing where we are going or where it might lead, but faith and belief in ourselves can give us the courage we need to take the first step.

If you had wings, what dreams would you give flight to?
What is the first step you could take?
What beliefs could you create to make it easy to take that step?

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Creative Art'n'Soul Journaling

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