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The recommendations on this page are for items that I personally use and trust because they make my life easy and they work!
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Brother Sewing & Quilting Machine CS6000i
This is a good starter sewing machine with many automatic features, and many more advanced features that you can ‘grow with’ over time. Brother Sewing & Quilting Machine CS6000i
Tutto Sewing Machine Case
This is the perfect sewing machine case for transporting your sewing machine during travel, or even as a luggage carrier, briefcase, computer bag, hand cart, or overnight bag. Tutto Sewing Machine Case
Sulky Gold Metallic Thread Sulky is one of my favorite brands of metallic thread; I never seem to have any problems sewing with it. I particularly like using this color gold.Sulky Gold Metallic Thread
Silent Setter Eyelet Tool Set
Ideal for sewing, scrapbooking and arts and crafts. Silent Setter Eyelet Tool Set
Hand Embroidery Thread Although I mostly use hand-dyed thread for hand sewing and embroidery, I also love using DMC thread because of the quality and beautiful colors.Hand Embroidery Thread

Sulky Blendables
I also like the Sulky Blendables, and I have a box of different colors.

Sulky Blendables

Elastic Cord
Can be used for garments, bags, jewelry, and journal closures for traveler’s notebooks. Elastic Cord
Sulky Invisible Thread
Sulky is also my favorite invisible thread. It’s very soft but strong and sews without any problems at all both in the bobbin and on top.Sulky Invisible Thread

Sulky Invisible Thread -Smoke
I also like it in smoke for use with dark colored fabrics.

Sulky Invisible Thread

White Bobbin Thread
A lightweight 100% spun polyester thread which is perfect for use in the bobbin when decorative thread is used on top. White Bobbin Thread

Sulky Rayon Thread
Sulky is my favorite rayon thread and I use rayon a lot when doing decorative sewing. It is very soft and has a beautiful sheen. I have dozens of different colors in plain and variegated.

Sulky Blendables

Small Antique Scissors
There’s nothing like using beautiful scissors. Small Antique Scissors

Clover Seam Ripper
This is the only type of seam ripper I use. It has a super sharp point and a large sturdy handle so you can grab on and get the job done easily.

Clover Seam Ripper

Flower Stitch Sewing Machine Presser Foot
The flower stitch foot is a specialty foot for low shank sewing machines only and is used for making small decorative circles on fabric. See this tutorial for a tutorial on how to use it with water soluble stabilizer. Flower Stitch Foot
Teflon Craft Sheet
This teflon sheet is heat resistant and non-stick and will protect your working surface when ironing fusibles. Teflon Craft Sheet
Nymo Thread
Strong bead thread that is perfect for sewing beads onto fabric. Nymo Thread