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Journals & Bookbinding

The recommendations on this page are for items that I personally use and trust because they make my life easy and they work!
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Book Binding Kit
Everything you need to get started bookbinding. Book Binding Kit
Wooden Handle Awl
An awl makes it easy to punch holes in signatures and book covers. I like this wooden handle awl – it’s very comfortable to use. Wooden Handle Awl
Silent Setter Eyelet Tool Set
Ideal for sewing, scrapbooking and arts and crafts. Silent Setter Eyelet Tool Set
Stanley Knife
A stanley knife is perfect for trimming and cutting the pages of printable journals. Stanley Knife
Sanding Block
A sanding block is useful for sanding rough edges of paper. Sanding Block
6.5×12.5 Quilting Ruler
A clear quilting ruler with non-slip pads underneath is useful for cutting and trimming printable journals and other papers. 6.5x24.5 Quilting Ruler
Corner Cutter Punch
A rounded corner cutting punch that actually works well! Three sizes in one punch. Corner Cutter Punch


Chipboard Sheets 12″ x 12″
This chipboard is perfect for journal and book covers. Can be sewn through using a sewing machine. Chipboard Sheets
67lb Copy Paper Vellum Bristol
A medium-weight cardstock that is perfect for journal pages that need more support than what copy paper offers, but not quite as rigid as 100lb cardstock. 67 lb Copy Paper
110lb Cardstock is perfect for making journal pages that can be used for collage and for stitching. Cardstock
24lb Copy Paper
24lb copy paper is slightly thicker than standard copy paper which makes it ideal for using in writing journals or for tea-staining. 24lb Copy Paper
Canson Mixed Media Paper This mixed media paper pad is economical, and perfect for sketching, drawing, light washes of ink and watercolor, collage, journaling, and more. Canson Mixed Media Paper
Canson Sketchbook Paper This mixed media paper pad is economical, and perfect for with pencil, charcoal, pen and pastel. This type of paper can be hand painted provided you pre-treat the pages with gesso. Canson Mixed Media Paper
Khadi Paper
Khadi paper is another of my favorite papers for making pages for journals. Khadi paper is handmade using cotton rag so it’s thick with a beautiful texture, and is perfect for hand sewing. Khadi Paper

Rice Paper
This paper has two sides, one smooth and one textured. It can be used for collage and mixed-media journal pages.
Rice Paper

Speedball Printmaking Paper This paper is made from a mix of mulberry and bamboo fiber. It’s very thin but very strong and is perfect for use in mixed media collage where you can paint and sew on it without the paper shredding. Speedball Printmaking Paper

Paper Distresser
This tool is used for distressing the edges of paper and cardstock to create an authentic aged paper look. Can also be used as a thread cutter.
Paper Distresser

Paints & Dyes

Assemblage Hand-Dyeing
For professional hand-dyeing results, sign up for the Assemblage Hand-Dyeing Online Workshop where I show you how to hand-dye beautiful and unique fabrics, fibers and threads.
Assemblage Hand-Dyeing

Tulip Dyes
Tulip Tie Dyes are not just for tie-dyeing – you can do any type of dyeing with them. Plus they’re easy to use if you’ve never hand-dyed before. Tulip Dyes
Golden Fluid Acrylic Paint Set
My favorite paints for painting pages. Golden Fluid Acrylic Paint Set
Acrylic Craft Paint
Inexpensive acrylic craft paint that is perfect for painting on paper. Craft Paint
Prepares surfaces for painting using acrylic paint. Gesso

Paint Brushes
A good range of paint brush sizes are needed for painting background papers and overpainting photos.
Paint Brushes

Foam Brushes
Foam paint brushes are inexpensive and perfect for painting. Foam Brushes

Water Brush Pen
A water buush pen is ideal for watercolor painting when traveling, or for quick watercolor sketches.
Water Brush Pen

Water Brush Pen Set
This set of water brush pens includes 3 point tip brush pens and 3 flat tip brush pens (small, medium, large).
Water Brush Pen Set

Texture Combs
Texture combs are used for making texture marks when using paint or gel mediums.
Texture Combs

Water Brush Pen
A water buush pen is ideal for watercolor painting when traveling, or for quick watercolor sketches. Water Brush Pen


Elmers Craftbond Extra Strength Glue Sticks
This glue is extra strength and perfect for gluing paper and lightweight fabric.
Elmers Craftbond Extra Strength Glue

Aleene’s Clear Gel Tacky Glue
This glue is awesome – it glues just about anything. Aleene's Clear Gel Tacky Glue

When you want stuff to REALLY stick. This is the strongest and stickiest tape I have ever used.


Brother Sewing & Quilting Machine CS6000i
This is a good starter sewing machine with many automatic features, and many more advanced features that you can ‘grow with’ over time. Brother Sewing & Quilting Machine CS6000i
Hand Embroidery Thread Hand embroidery thread can be used for sewing signatures in handmade journals and books. Hand Embroidery Thread
Hand Embroidery Needles
For use with hand embroidery thread. Hand Embroidery Needles
Thread Wax This wax is perfect for waxing your own thread which makes it stronger and easier to work with when bookbinding. Thread Wax
Pellon 72F Peltex Fusible Stabilizer
Peltex heavy-weight stabilizer comes in three different types – sew-in (Pellon 70F), one-sided fusible (Pellon 71F), and two-sided fusible (Pellon 72F). The two-sided fusible (72F) is the most rigid and is my favorite type of heavyweight stabilizer. It’s perfect for making book and journal covers. Peltex Stabilizer

Sulky Tear-away Stabilizer
This is standard tearaway stabilizer. I use it to stabilize my sewing for lots of different applications, but particularly when sewing decorative machine stitches because it helps to support the stitching and they turn out beautiful every time.
Water Soluble Stabilizer

Grade 50 Cheesecloth
Grade 50 is my favorite type of cheesecloth. It has a slightly open weave which makes it more manageable to work with than the standard cheesecloth you find in craft stores or the supermarket which is much more open weave than grade 50. Cheesecloth is used to add texture and for layering, and it can be easily painted, dyed or stained.
Grade 50 Cheesecloth