Resources: Inked Cloth


The recommendations on this page are for items that I personally use and trust because they make my life easy and they work!

Note: These links will refer you to various online suppliers where you can find additional information and purchase the product, and some of these are affiliate links where I earn a small percentage of the referral fee. You can find more about affiliate links here.


I use and recommend Epson printers.

Epson WF-100

This is the mobile printer that I use for printing on fabric when I travel.


Epson XP-440 Standard Inkjet Printer

This is my general purpose printer that I sometimes use for printing small images onto fabric.


Epson P400 Wide-Format Inkjet Printer

This is my wide-format printer I currently use for printing on fabric.


EQ Printables Inkjet Fabric Sheets

These are my favorite pre-treated sheets for making fabric prints that are washable.

EQ Printables

EQ Inkjet Fabric Cotton Roll

You can also buy cotton EQ Printables on a convenient roll.

EQ Printables

Jacquard Fabrisign

This fabric is backed with paper and comes in wide rolls. I use various types of cottons and silks depending on my project.

Jacquard Fabrisign

Extravorganza 8.5″ x 11″ Sheets

Using Extravorganza sheets is a convenient way to make sheer fabric prints.


Lutradur Mixed Media Sheets

Print on Lutradur to create interesting and textural prints.


Krylon Preserve It Spray

Krylon Preserve It is a spray that will help protect and extend the life of your digital prints. It protects against UV fading, moisture, and smudges, and is acid free, and archival safe.

Krylon Preserve It

Bubble Jet Set 2000

Bubble Jetset is a liquid that you use to pre-soak your fabric prior to printing, and which makes your images waterproof and washable.

Bubble Jetset

Bubble Jet Rinse

Bubble Jetset Rinse is used to rinse your fabric after it has been printed and helps to remove any excess ink.

Bubble Jetset Rinse


Synthrapol is a mild detergent that can also be used to rinse your fabric after it has been printed to help remove any excess ink.

Bubble Jetset Rinse

C. Jenkins Freezer Paper Sheets

These are heavyweight freezer paper sheets that you can use to back your fabric in preparation for printing. They help to feed the fabric through your printer without jamming.

Freezer Paper Sheets

Full Sheet Size Sticky labels

Sticky labels can be used to back your fabric prior to printing. They are a little more expensive than freezer paper, however you can reuse them multiple times and I can usually get up to about a dozen prints from each sticky label before the sticky stuff wears off.

Full sheet size sticky labels

Brayer with a hard roller

A brayer is a hand roller and can generally be found at your local craft store. Brayers come with either a soft or hard roller. The soft roller is used for printing and painting, but the hard roller is used to remove bubbles and wrinkles when attaching sticky labels to fabric.


Blue painter’s tape

Blue painter’s tape is used for taping fabric pieces to a backing sheet of cardstock when making small fabric prints.

Painters Tape

Inkaid is a product that is used to prepare any flat surface for printing using an inkjet printer and are generally used to print images that will be used in artwork.

Inkaid Sample Set

The inkAID Sample Set contains 4 oz. (125 ml) of White Matte, Clear Semi-Gloss, Clear Matte, Clear Gloss, Clear Gloss Type II, Translucent Gloss, and Iridescent Pearl.


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