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The recommendations on this page are for items that I personally use and trust because they make my life easy and they work!
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Silhouette Cameo Cutting Machine

Silhouette Cameo
The Silhouette Cameo cutting machine cuts a variety of material including vinyl, paper, cardstock, fabric, and other materials up to 12 inches wide and 10 feet long.Silhouette Cameo
Silhouette Cameo Cutting Mat
Silhouette Brand replacement cutting mat for Silhouette Cameo.Silhouette Cameo Cutting Mat
Nicapa Cutting Mat for Silhouette Cameo
This replacement cutting mat for Silhouette Cameo is less expensive than the original.Silhouette Cameo Cutting Mat
Silhouette Cameo Cutting Blade
Replacement cutting blade for Silhouette CameoSilhouette Cameo Cutting Blade
Silhouette Cameo Cutting Blade for Fabric
Just like with your scissors, cutting paper dulls the blade and you should keep a separate cutting blade just for fabric. This replacement cutting blade for Silhouette Cameo is exactly the same as the standard cutting blade, except it has a blue casing so you know it should only be used for cutting fabric.Silhouette Cameo Cutting Blade for Fabric
Silhouette Cameo Premium Cutting Blade The premium Silhouette Cameo cutting blade is made from tungsten alloy and has three times the life of the standard cutting blade.Silhouette Cameo Premium Cutting Blade
Silhouette Cameo Cutting Auto Blade for Cameo Version 3
Replacement auto cutting blade for Silhouette Cameo version 3. With the AutoBlade, you don’t have to manually adjust the blade; the machine does it for youSilhouette Cameo Auto Cutting Blade

Rulers & Small Cutters

Creative Grids is the only type of ruler I use because they have fine black lines on them instead of chunky yellow or green lines which I can’t see through no matter how hard I try. The fine black lines allow you good vision to get a very accurate cut each and every time. No guessing. I’ve used these rulers for over ten years and they are a pleasure to use. I have one in every size.
Quilters Ruler Rack
With all these rulers, I need a ruler rack.Ruler Rack
Omnigrid Invisible Grip
Although the Creative Grids rulers are non-slip, I also use this non-slip cling “invisigrip” to ensure that my rulers absolutely don’t move at all when I’m cutting.Invisigrip
OLFA 45mm Rotary Cutter My favorite rotary cutter is this Olfa. It has a very comfortable handle and a handy lock button. It doesn’t take much effort to get into the habit of using the lock button after each use of the rotary cutter, and I’m sure I’ve saved a finger or two because of it.Rotary Cutter
Olfa 45mm Rotary Blades You gotta have spare blades.Rotary Cutter

Rotary Blade Sharpener
I use this sharpener when my blades start to wear. It doesn’t give you a perfect edge, but it does extend the life of your blade significantly.

Rotary Cutter Sharpener

Fiskars 18″ x 24″ Cutting Mat
This is a good size cutting mat for use with a rotary cutter or an x-acto knife.

Cutting Mat

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