Creative Stitch Alchemy Mini-Journal: Unfolding – The Story Ends

The “Journey” Creative Stitch Alchemy Project is now free when you join Creative Art’n’Soul Journaling. You can find details here.

In this week’s session of the Creative Stitch Alchemy Mini-Course Mini-Course which has the theme “Unfolding” we’re stitching the last page of the mini-journal.

The last page of the mini-journal is where the story ends, and the ending is always a time for looking back and reflecting on the journey. I always like to make the last page using simple patchwork held together with a basic running stitch which requires little attention as you to stitch back and forth, row after row. I find it to be a meditative and contemplative process and the perfect way to end the story of my mini-journal.

Creative Stitch Alchemy: Unfolding

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