Creative Stitch Alchemy Mini-Journal: Unfolding – Putting it all Together

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In this week’s session of the Creative Stitch Alchemy Mini-Course: Unfolding …
we’re now ready to assemble the mini-journal.

After spending the last four weeks creating the pages for our mini-journal, all that’s left is to assemble them by glueing them onto a piece of paper.

The front and back sections ….

Creative Stitch Alchemy: Unfolding

The inside sections …

Creative Stitch Alchemy: Unfolding

And now the mini-journal is complete.

Creating these mini-journals is a process, and with each new mini-journal the process is different. Through thoughtful journaling, and mindful stitching, a story emerges that reveals a little more about ourselves. Perhaps it’s a whole new story, or maybe it’s an old story told in a new and different way.

It could be a very personal story intended only for our eyes, or a story that’s inspiring and one which we’re happy to share with others. My stories always tend to be quite personal and filled with sacred symbolism.

The Front Cover

I always like to finish my mini-journals by wrapping them with a length of decorative fiber and little charms. This is a symbolic way to keep my story safe and treasured.

Creative Stitch Alchemy: Unfolding

Page Two

A butterfly totem guards my secret story …

Creative Stitch Alchemy: Unfolding

… which, in keeping with the theme of this mini-journal, unfolds …

Creative Stitch Alchemy: Unfoldinge

… to reveal the story.

I would love to live like a river flows carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.
John O’Donohue

Creative Stitch Alchemy: Unfolding

Page Three

I love creating beautiful and unusual hidden pockets …

Creative Stitch Alchemy: Unfolding

… that open to reveal a small treasure. A personal note … another part of the story.

Creative Stitch Alchemy: Unfolding

Back Cover

The back cover ends the story and is stitched using a contemplative stitch. A small meditation.

Creative Stitch Alchemy: Unfolding

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