In this week’s session of the Creative Stitch Alchemy Mini-Course: Journey …
we’re stitching the last page of the mini-journal.

The last page is where the story ends, and the ending of any good story is a time for reflection and a time for thoughtful contemplation.

As you are the creator of this particular story, your thoughts can wander – and wonder – freely about the process that has taken you from the beginning and brought you to this place where it ends.

Creative Stitch Alchemy: Journey

I like to make the last page using simple patchwork held together with a basic running stitch. This particular stitch requires little attention as you to stitch back and forth, row after row.

Creative Stitch Alchemy: Journey

I find this process meditative and contemplative, and a peaceful way to enjoy the final step of creating my mini-journal.

Creative Stitch Alchemy: Journeye

You can see other pages from this mini-journal here

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