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If you love to make and use creative journals, you’re invited to join our Creative Art’n’Soul Facebook Group


This group is all about sharing and inspiring each other on our creative journey and appreciating and enjoying the uniqueness that we each have to offer.

YES … you can

  • The only postings allowed in this group are photos and descriptions of your creative work, comments about your creative work or the creative work of others, and questions that invite creative discussion.
  • We are all at different levels in our creative journey so be kind, considerate, helpful and supportive.
  • Only positive and encouraging comments and questions are allowed.

NO … you can’t

  • No commercial posts, selling or self-promotions of any kind.
  • No links or videos of any kind.
  • No negative comments or spam.
  • No personal information including email address or website links. If someone requests your email or website, message them privately.

Postings that don’t comply with the guidelines will be deleted and repeat offenders will be removed without notice.

Admins will be allowed to occasionally post links of interest and guidelines are subject to change depending on the requirements of the community.




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Creative Art'n'Soul Journaling

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