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I’ve been using Photoshop and Photoshop Elements for almost 15 years to create digital art in one form or another, and over the years I’ve developed my own favorite techniques for combining imagery and photos to create beautiful PhotoArt.

Now I’m really excited to share with you my new website called PhotoArtFX which is an online resource filled with free tutorials, products and classes – all designed to help you make your own beautiful PhotoArt. You can visit PhotoArtFX here.

How I use PhotoArt

I love the creative process of combining photography together with digital skills, and very often sewing skills, to produce PhotoArt that is beautiful and unique. As a textile artist, I love the idea of combining that imagery into my artwork so my favorite method of using my PhotoArt images is to print the images directly onto fabric to create digital art cloth that can then be stitched.

Sometimes I make functional items such as these pincushions

PhotoArt: Digital Art Cloth

fabric trays

How to make a fabric tray

… and even art quilts.

Photolicious Photo Quilt Pattern

Sometimes I like to embellish my printed imagery with mixed media and stitch to make textile art such as this stitched textile art which is small at only 12″ wide.

PhotoArt: Digital Art Cloth

And sometimes I like to make large pieces of artwork such as this stitched mixed media art which is part of an exhibit currently on display in the Deland City Hall, Florida. This stitched wall art is 20″ x 40″ and the techniques used are taught in my online class Inked Cloth Unleashed.

PhotoArt: Digital Art Cloth

I also use printed imagery to create small stitched mini-journals which are fun and creative to make.

PhotoArt: Digital Art Cloth

And larger stitched fabric art journals.

PhotoArt: Digital Art Cloth

The possibilities for using imagery in your artwork are simply unlimited!

So I hope you’ll visit PhotoArtFX and get started on your own creative journey.

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