Fragments Online Class

Join me during 2017 for


stitching together the story of our lives

Journey with me through the days, weeks and months of 2017 in a more mindful and thoughtful way. As we travel, we’ll pay attention to the things that happen in our lives; the small moments, the beautiful moments, the moments that touch our hearts. Then we’ll collect the memories that we want to remember and incorporate them into beautiful textile art “fragments”.

These stitched fragments can then be kept as a beautiful and personal keepsake. Or the pieces could be integrated into a booklet. They could be framed and hung on the wall. Or they could even be given away as a special gift.

Too often we store the things we want to remember in a box or a photo album, then they get shoved under the bed or in a cupboard, and only brought out once in a while. Or worse, they are forgotten about for years. Wouldn’t it be nice to keep our favorite memories on permanent display as beautiful pieces of art; something to be treasured … just as our treasured memories should be.

Fragments Online Class

Fragments Online Class

Why I created Fragments
Sewing for me is a form of meditation, it’s the place I go to when I need quiet and solitude. When I stitch my mind empties and I don’t need to think. Problems disappear for a while, and a sense of calm prevails. Creative stitching brings order into my sometimes chaotic world.

But during 2016 my life was so busy that I barely had time to stitch anything. I could only find minutes instead of hours, and working on large or long-term projects became a frustration.

So I began to stitch small pieces of fabric together. A stitch here, a stitch there. 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there. I used my day’s memories as inspiration. I quickly printed some images onto fabric, added words or a few fabric scraps and stitches. Each time I made a small fragment, I attached it to a larger fragment. And eventually the fragmented pieces of my days began to evolve into the story of my life in exactly the way I wanted to remember it.

Fragments Online Class

Fragments Online Class

Throughout the year …

I’ll be your guide and share with you what inspires me … and hopefully it will inspire you too.

I’ll also show you how I make my fabric collages and I’ll share my process and my thoughts.
I’ll show you how I collect my memories and piece together my textile fragments using
photography – images printed onto fabric and paper – hand and machine stitches – words, phrases, quotations
fabric scraps – found objects – journaling – ephemera – symbols

It’s is not about creating the perfect stitch or perfect textile art

Life is often messy. It’s ok if your stitched memories are too.

Fragments Online Class


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You can see more of my Fragments here on my website.

Fragments Online Class

Fragments Online Class


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