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1st November 2019

SAVE! with this bundle of
creative journaling classes

Soul Whispers: a Transformative Visual Journal

Use the whispers of your soul as inspiration for making beautiful and artful journal pages that hold your secrets and personal stories. As you infuse the energy of your emotions onto the pages, your stories become transformative.

This video workshop is only available as part of the
Creative Art’n’Soul Journaling video workshop bundle
Unraveling the Mystery

Mini Journals

The Summer Garden Stitched Printable Journal

The Everyday
Junk Journal

The Untamed Garden Journal

Mystical Moon Journal

The Book of Winter Shadows

Vintage Journal

The Nature of Things

The Dream Keeper

Assembling Hand-Dyeing

Inked Cloth

Inked Cloth Unleashed


Create Beautiful PhotoArt using Photoshop


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