3-2-1 Printable Gratitude & Creativity Tracking Journal Kit

Several months ago I wrote about my 3-2-1 Creativity Tracking Journal, which is a journal I designed and use every day to help me stay on track with my daily creative practice. It’s a combination gratitude journal and creativity tracking journal, and it takes only minutes a day to use.

I’ve been using this journal for quite some time now, and I’ve found that it really helps to start my day in a positive way by encouraging me to remember the things that I’m grateful for, to create a positive attitude for the day, and it also helps to keep me on track with my daily creative practice which is an important part of my life. Being creative every day, even if it’s only for minutes, helps to develop a creative habit which in the long term has many benefits including stress reduction, and it also makes space for creative exploration which is fun and playful.

I’ve finally gotten round to designing a complete 3-2-1 printable journal kit which I think is much nicer than writing on plain paper. So if you’ve been wanting to invite creativity into your life on a regular basis, you can find the beautiful Vintage Rose 3-2-1 Printable Gratitude & Creativity Tracking Journal Kit here in my online store. You can also follow my creative journey where I share photos daily, here on my blog, here on Facebook, and also here on Instagram.

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