Transfer Artist Paper (TAP) Revisited

Posted by Linda Matthews on January 20, 2010

I wrote some time ago about a project I did using Transfer Artist Paper (TAP), and I also did a washability test at the same time, the results of which were not exactly what I’d call good. However as I’m teaching an Image Transfer Workshop this coming weekend I thought I’d pay a quick revisit to TAP and washability.

After transferring your image, the recommended waiting time to wash is 3 days. But as you can see from the image I originally tested, the results were not so good.

Before Washing
Transfer Artist Paper
Washed immediately
after transferring

Transfer Artist Paper
Washed 3 days after transferring
Transfer Artist Paper

So this time I printed a slightly larger image about 6″ x 4″, and in color not black and white. I made two transfers, left one unwashed and waited 3 days to wash the other and this is the result. The unwashed transfer on the left, and the washed transfer on the right.

Image Transfer Paper Image Transfer Paper

You can see that the two samples look exactly the same. Even close up there doesn’t appear to any loss of color or abrasion marks as was experienced during the first test. I’m not sure why the first test didn’t wash better; maybe because it’s a black and white transfer, but regardless, I’m really happy with the results of this recent test and it certainly offers an alternative way to transfer images that require to be washed.

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  1. Hi Linda, yes, this TAP transfer is much better. I am glad you posted this. I am going to try some of the TAP paper too very soon. Hope you are staying busy!

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