Coming Soon: Spirit Art Doll workshop

Posted by Linda Matthews on July 2, 2013

It’s been quite some years since I made a spirit doll, but I’m planning on doing some teaching downtown in Deland, Central Florida very shortly, and these spirit art dolls turned out to be the perfect project for a 3-hour workshop.

Spirit Art Doll

Spirit dolls can be made and used for different purposes – for self-expression, for self-transformation, and also for healing – and it’s the intention that we use when we make them that ultimately decides their purpose.

They can be used as a personal talisman by embedding them with our personal symbols and energy, and they can act as a guardian for our hopes and dreams. They can also be given as gifts to others, and carry with them the loving vibration and energy with which they were made.

I’ve made several spirit dolls so far …

Spirit of Destiny
None of us know exactly where our destiny lies, but this spirit doll embodies the hope that it will always be beautiful, peaceful and loving.

Spirit Art Doll

Spirit of Hope
Even though the world may seem a little colorless and bland, and maybe a little frayed around the edges, this spirit doll reminds us that we always carry with us a small amount of hope which is often just enough to see us through.

Spirit Art Doll

Spirit of Creative Energy
Creative energy is powerful and strong, and this feminine spirit embraces her energy with courage and confidence.

Spirit Art Doll

If you’re interested in joining me for a class, I’ll update here further once teaching times and dates are set – stay tuned!

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  1. You have introduced me to a new medium of artistic expression. I love your work and making these” people”. I am amazed at the bonding process and the letting go as I send them on their journey. Thank you for all you share.

    • Thanks Linda, I enjoy making these dolls :)

  2. Linda I love your spirit dolls and was out of the country when you did the class in July…do you have any class date coming up, I am still in Canada till August 16 so I am hoping your next class is after that…
    Linda Fraser

    • Hi Linda – my bad – I haven’t updated my website with the current teaching dates. The next class is being held on Thursday 22nd August 6-9pm. You can register here

      Hope to see you in class :)

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